In the Leap N Learn™ Early Childhood Dance Program for ages 2-7, we focus on increasing each childs cognitive, physical and emotional development. It is a well-known fact within the area of neuro psychology and developmental psychology that the time between birth and seven years of age is the critical period of development. This is the age at which children are the most responsive to new skills. It is also known that children learn through experience and have a natural need for movement and pretend play. In the internationally acclaimed Leap N Learn™ Early Childhood Dance Curriculum all of these facts have been taken into consideration and each class is designed, structured, and presented in a fun and child-friendly way in order to increase a childs love of movement and learning.

This curriculum has proven to be to be an excellent prerequisite for future education in dance and sports by creating a strong foundation in the understanding and awareness of music, movement, and creative problem solving.

Studio B Dance Center is proud to be affiliated with the Leap N Learn ™ program. Our teachers have gone through extensive training and are certified to teach the internationally acclaimed curriculum.