Studio B Dance Center

Please Fill Out and submit the form below and return with payment to:
281 White Plains Road, Eastchester, NY 10709
call to register by phone (914) 793 – 2799
**Please make sure to read our policies below this registration form.**

Conditions of Enrollment:

1. All students are to arrive on time, dressed in dance attire and have their hair neatly pulled back off their face. Students ages 2 – 6 should be escorted by their parent or guardian to the bathroom BEFORE the start of each class.
2. The studio does not issue refunds or credit to students for classes missed due to illness, vacation, religious observance, or for any other reason. Any missed class es can be made up during our scheduled make – up weeks, which will be posted at the studio.
3. There is a $20.00 service charge for any returned checks. We do not redeposit returned checks.
4. Registration fees and Tuition are non-refundable.
5. Children’s classes and adult classes are non-transferable. Adult class cards cannot be usedafter the expiration date on the cards.
6. I understand that dance and exercise classes involve physical movement and exertion, and represent that the student named on the reverse side is
in good physical health and is capable of performing the dances and exercises required for participation in the classes. I waive all liability against Studio B Dance Center and its staff for any injury or loss of property sustained while participating in any classes or activities of the school.
7. In the event that a parent or the emergency contact is not available, I give permission to the staff of Studio B Dance Center to obtain emergency medical treatment for any illness or injury that may occur while the student is attending the school.
8. The viewing windows are for watching glass without distracting the students. For the safety of all students, I understand that I must not tap on the windows or try to communicate with the dancers, because that would encourage them to loose focus and disrupt the class. I will always use the waiting room at the rear of the building.
9. All classes that are 1 hour or longer are Drop-off classes. We need to have the waiting room made available to students coming to and leaving from class, so we ask that you drop off your child and arrive back to the waiting room 5 minutes prior to the end of class.
10. The studio reserves the right to use photos and video of students from dance class or performances for advertising and marketing.
11. Payment of dance tuition verifies the acceptance of these conditions of enrollment and the policies of Studio B Dance Center.