Here’s Why Studio B Dance Center is the best choice.


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Small Class Sizes – Maximum 12 students for age 2 + 3 and a maximum of 14 per class for ages 4 and up. tick tick1
All studio rooms equipped with floating Marley dance floors which help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired tick tick1
Choice of more than one teacher for each dance program to fit your child’s personality and learning style tick tick1
Mirrors that start at floor level so that dancers can see their feet from any place on the dance floor tick tick1
Viewing windows that allows you to observe your child’s progress without class interruptions tick tick1
Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day tick tick1
Parent-friendly ready-to-wear recital costumes that include all accessories and tights tick tick1
Students and parents never required to fund raise for studio events tick tick1
Convenient sibling scheduling that enables parents to bring two or more siblings to dance class at the same time tick tick1
Large variety of classes and choice times designed according to students’ and parents’ requests tick tick1
Staff of professional teachers and choreographers with college or masters degrees and extensive teaching experience tick tick1
Hassle-free 90 minute recitals in a pleasant, air-conditioned local facility tick tick1