Here is what our students and parents are saying:

“Our show is much better than American Idol.” ~ Mackensee age 5

“I am the happiest mom in town! I brought my daughters to their first classes yesterday at 5pm. They left so happy and excited about dance, their classmates, and their teachers. I can’t tell you how much that means to me!” “I don’t want to seem cheesy but their experience was an answer to my prayers! Dance is very important to me and I want my daughters to have a positive attitude about it. I feel like dance teaches young girls so much lifestyle, respect for teachers, working with others, self-discipline, strengthening your core, poise, hard work, flexibility, and many other things. From my experience as a dancer, I know how teachers and studio environment have a BIG impact on a young girl. I believe little dancers ‘imprint’ on their teachers and associate dance in general with their teacher.” “Anyway, I just want to applaud you for the nurturing environment and staff you have at Studio B. You’re all smiles over there, and are quick to praise students and check on the families. Even when we have active toddlers in the waiting room! You’re so patient! I just can’t tell you how wonderful it was for me to sit in that room and watch my two little girls dance for an hour. One through the window and the other on the monitor. Both were happy and full of life! As I said before, when I joined Studio B, other families followed me. They all left {the waiting room} saying how great it was and that they appreciate me asking them to sign up. Thank You from all of us. Please share these comments with Ms. Allie, Ms. Shannon, and Ms. Laura.”

“Studio B has become like my second family. I have made many new friends who are always there to help me out. We all work hard together, but it is always fun. We may see each other once a week, but we all have one thing in common. We LOVE to dance.” ~Nina age 13

“The difference in her personality and her approach to life?… Studio B. Thank You Studio B for bringing true joy and bravery into a shy little girl’s life!” ~ Jesse’s Mom

“I think the rooms are magical because things I do there I can’t do the same anywhere else” ~Kathleen age 7